Codename: Athena - phase one is a utility application designed to ensure confidentiality of files of any type. Confidentiality of information is ensured by encrypting them after an alpha-numeric key.

Encoding is performed with two different algorithms developed by the authors who owns all commercial rights over them. The first algorithm is developed by a method of replacing original characters with characters obtained under alpha-numeric code entered by the user. The alpha-numeric code may contain maximum of 256 characters. The second algorithm is developed after the first, the difference is that the file encoded characters are displayed numerically, leading
obviously to increase encrypted file about 3 times.

It is obvious that the application has and decryption functions corresponding to the two types of coding that you can perform. Type encoding is recognized automatically by the algorithm application (after extension *. AT1 or *. AT2), decryption routines are executed as appropriate. Thus, to decrypt a file is not else necessary than the original
encryption code. File decoding is performed regardless of the correctness of code inserted, but if it does not meet the original, decoding operation is unpredictable and the resulting file is totally unusable.



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